Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Work Post

I left fifteen minutes early for work this morning because of all the hoopla about the weather. I got to work more than 15 minutes earlier than normal because there was no traffic at 7am and the roads were fine. I started work a half hour early. I get to leave 45 minutes early due to staying late on a different day. On top of that, we had a 2.5 hour meeting this morning which made time fly. The good thing about this is the day is passing really quickly. That bad thing about this is that I still have the same ammount of work I should have gotten done. But, I am becoming fairly laid back about this whole "having work left" thing, its just life here at the BDD.

I know there will be more and more work posts as I become more and more busy at work. I mean, in March and April I will not have a single day off, just 5-day week after 5-day week from President's day in February to Memorial Day. Hopefully I can keep my sanity.

I was going to post what I consider to be a funny work story, but I have found that what we consider to be funny in this job often is just sad to other people, so I will hold off. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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