Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Bee Makes Time Fly

This was a three day weekend that went by in a flash! Besides the New Years Eve Party on Thursday, on Friday we did end up going over to a friends apt to watch the Rose Bowl (Go Bucks! Still can't believe they won!!). Then, Friday night my cousins C&K ended up staying with us. I spent Saturday morning with them - we went walking in very cold weather for recreational walking down at Whetstone and then headed to Banana Leaf (previously given excellent reviews on this very blog) with almost all of my cousins on that side of the family.

In the afternoon DH and I joined 6 other friends to go see Avatar 3D. DH and I were not that interested in the movie (ok, thats an understatement), actually we were planning to boycott the movie because the ridiculous hype and the high probability it would have no plot, until we found out my cousin C worked on it (yes, the same one who stayed that night at my house). He put helicopters into a lot of scenes, so if you saw any helicopters flying around upsidedown or sideways or something, it was his fault. Anyways, we saw Avatar. It was better than expected but still not great. It was indeed visually stunning though. I think the worst (and most hilarious moment) was when a giant robot pulls out of knife to be in a knife fight. Seriously?? 20 ft tall military robot with all sorts of armour and machine guns etc etc etc has a hunting knife in its belt?? Wow. Anyways, after that we went to dinner at a Thai place in Grandview, it was yummy.

On Sunday I finally De-Christmassed the house, worked on Christmas cards (yes folks, they are still coming), and then headed up to Mount Vernon to visit Grandma. I can't believe its already Monday again! And this is going to be a long week, since I have not had a fully week of work since Dec 18th.

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Ian Monroe said...

Mecha robots are pretty much always impractical and stupid. The mecha having a knife or holding a gun just highlights it.

But so is a mining operation that is meant to profit share holders who must live light years away... unless the share holders are also moving at relativistic speeds it would be impossible for them to enjoy their unobtanium gains (Krugman actually wrote a paper on interstellar economics btw :P). So I had to stow my 'hard scifi' thoughts firmly away during the whole movie. I did OK with that, but yea, that knife thing did make me flinch.

I really did enjoy the movie though. I wish they had expanded more on the notion of a planet where everything is literally networked, but I guess that would be more scifi and less explosions and generic native religion.