Sunday, January 24, 2010

Purple Pining

I spent the last 4 hours biting my nails (don't worry, only a little), rocking back and forth a lot, screaming, groaning, and ... most significantly, watching the Minnesota Vikings lose in the playoffs to the Saints. The Saints did not win, we handed the game to them on a silver platter called "complacency" (i.e. two runs for no yards when we were at the outer edge of field goal range), "stupidity" (i.e. having 12 men in a huddle, after a time out in which you should have had the opportunity to get organized) and "desperation" (i.e. Brett Favre throwing a pick on third down because he needed so much yardage to get back in field goal range due to the runs for no yards and the penalty). ****SIGH**** It has been a LONG time since I have been as emotionally invested in a sporting event as I was tonight (and last weekend). We were SO close. And yet, here we are, season over, probably looking for a new QB unless Brett Favre decides that he wants one more shot, despite how much pain the game is clearly causing him.

Did I mention **SIGH** ?

Go Colts, I guess.

(in all honesty, colts are probably about my third favorite team in the league, but it still will be a letdown when it could have been the Vikings).


Anonymous said...

At least I won't have the emotional roller coaster caused by daughter vs daughter allegiance conflict in the "super" bowl.
LOL required word verification for posting this is "Failie"


Laurelyn said...

hehe funny word requirement... :-) twas an ugly game; guess between me being sick and the OT loss, it's just as well that I couldn't come down this weekend... Just kidding, we would've had fun. In a few weeks we'll cheer on Manning and the Colts while having fun!