Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I really want to give this blog a makeover, especially its layout. I would like to have a three column layout so that I can put a book list on one side that grows as the year goes on. I am not sure if this will happen, that is quite a bit of work and I have plenty on my plate.

Work is chugging along. I will go up to 40 cases today, and I am beginning to feel every addition. It is set up so they are slowly tightening the screws day by day. Eventually, unless I am extraordinarily quick at processing and talented, I will have 150 cases in my pending and be getting a new one for everyone I get rid of (up to three new cases per day).

That is all. :-)


Laurelyn said...

1) I'm rather far behind on your posts
2) you're putting my blogging to shame, which i haven't touched for about a month
3) i like the layout change idea and am considering one myself
4) good luck with the increased caseload...

Rachel said...

I know you're probably not looking for suggestions but if you do change the layout, can you add the date to your posts? :-)