Monday, January 11, 2010

Goddess of the Pig Skin

We had a relatively quite weekend. Friday night we had a "date night" - we cooked fajitas together and watched No Country for Old Men. It was repulsive. It was meant to be repulsive. I think it should be labelled a horror movie, I found it much scarier than most movies I watch. I disliked the ending though, too abstract for me. I then finished The Unlikely Disciple: One Sinners Semester at America's Holiest University, which is a book about a liberal Brown student who goes undercover at Liberty University (created by Jerry Falwell) to see what it is really like on the other side of the political and religious aisle. It was very well written, the author offers a lot of insight into stereotypes, the purpose of religion, and many other things. I highly suggest it as a read. Then I started a second book, I stayed up late into the night then reading Sky Blue July, my book club read for nestie bookclub. I did not like it. It if wasn't a book club book I would have stopped 20 pages in (if not 2).

Saturday I read a lot more. I finished Sky Blue July and started a new book - The Remains of the Day. We spent the day laying around and relaxing, fixed the toilet, did some cleaning. Then, in the evening, friends came over to watch The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, extended edition. While I had seen the movie several times I had not seen the extended edition. I was not as impressed with it as I had been with the first movie's extended edition. Unfortunately there were some added seens that did not follow, or skewed, the original book. But, overall I was happy because there was more ents and walking trees involved than in the regular version.

On Sunday, I was labelled the Goddess of the Pig Skin. We laid around watching football. I finished The Remains of the Day and then jumped back into the middle of Water for Elephants. The Remains of the Day is very good. Written by Kazuo Ishiguro. It is about a Butler in post-WWII England reflecting on his life and trying to figure out if it was wasted. It is very well written. I highly recommend it. We also watched football. During the Green Bay - Arizona game one of the announcers made the comment "Green Bay has not been down by 14 points this entire season." My immediate response was "That cannot be right, I want to fact check that. I would swear that the Vikings beat them by more than 14 points in the first match-up of the year," but because I had Hot Sauce all over my fingers (mmm. donatos wings), I did not fact check it. But, sure enough, 10 minutes later the announcer made the correction, that on Nov. 1st the Vikings had beaten Green Bay Packers 24-3. DH labelled me master of football knowledge and Goddess of the pig skin on the spot.

Now.... back to work.

Actually, I just want to tack on that I finished Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde today at lunch. I was surprised how short and insubstantial it was for a work that is so commonly referenced. I think its the case of an idea that is infinitely interesting to humans - the idea of alternate selves and such, but not good execution.


Simi said...

can't STAND when announcers get it wrong.. i sometimes wonder what they are getting paid for :p this happens a lot especially for racing stuff.. and we catch it and just look at each other and laugh :p good for you that you caught it though :) Sounds like a great weekend! I too didn't like No Country for Old Men... at ALL.

Julie said...

I just picked up the January book club book. I'm not entirely sure what to expect...hopefully I'll like it, but from you said, it doesn't sound promising. I'll have to get the The Unlikely Disciple for next month. I have a feeling I'll definitely enjoy it.

Good work with the stats on the Vikes! :)

Laurelyn said...

interesting that you found the movie scary when I didn't. I found it too slow and geared for "cinematographic" geeks to be worth my time (though what else would i have done with my evening at a random clinic in february by myself?... well, not gone to that movie if I'd had the choice...)

way to go sports trivia! Sounds like an overall fabulous weekend!