Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Isn't Bad

Snow isn't bad, its the Columbus lack of ability to manage it that gives it a bad name. Its not snowing that hard or that fast, the city should be able to handle it. I don't know what genius decided that plowing + salting should not happen until the storm is over, but its just plain ridiculous.

I love snow. Its so pretty and peaceful. Have you ever laid on your back in a snow covered field and stared up into the sky?

Forget the field, I have done this in my back yard and its almost as good. Close your eyes and feel the snow flakes falling on your face. Its so silent outside when there is snow, even in the city. I love it.

I know you are all sick of me waxing poetically about my love of snow but I can't help it, especially when I see so much negativity towards it. I know it can be inconvienent, even when it is properly taken care of, but the inconvienence is totally worth it.

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Brooke said...

I really love snow too! People just need something to complain about. The same people bitching about the snow now will be complaining that it's too hot/rainy/whatever in a few months.