Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss Diplomacy

Its strange.
Amongst my closest group of friends, I am known for being outspoken, not being worried about speaking my mind even if it might upset people. They do not realize how often I hold my tongue.
But, amongst a lot of other people, I am known as a diplomat, someone who finds a way to word things so that people cannot be offended. Someone who does not cause drama.

Somestimes I get sick of playing this role. I see things, read things, hear things, and my gut reaction is to, well, basically state how stupid the person is for saying it and give x,y, and z reasons. You know, say things like "I thought you were more intelligent than that." But I don't do it. I constrain myself. I either hold my tongue, or more often, say what I think about the issue, but not what I think about the other person's idea or the choice of topics. But it gets old. It gets so old, especially if I am in a snarky mood. But is that one time satisfaction that snarking offers worth my reputation as being level-headed and no-drama? Probably not.

So despite my burning desire to list the 4-5 things that prompted this post, I will just leave it at that.


Laurelyn said...

Isn't it fun?

Middle English constreinen, from Old French constraindre, constraign-, from Latin cnstringere, to restrain, compress : com-, com- + stringere, to bind, press together; see streig- in Indo-European roots

Sarah Dee said...

I found one of the reasons (I think) that placed the seed for this post. I enjoy 'hearing' your pointed perspective on things.