Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alternative Names

River's name is staying River. But, seversal alternative names have come up since we got her on Saturday:

Stinky - she really needs a bath, she smells like pound and everything that comes with being caged 23/7. She unfortunately cannot have one until atleast Sunday because she was spayed last week, and as much as I want to bathe her first thing Sunday morning, but the incision does not look perfect (does not look horrible either) so I am probably going to hold off until her vet appt on Thursday clears her. She really stinks though. A lot.

Poopy - I never knew that such a little animal could produce such a large quantity of poop. Maybe it just seems like more because it is on our carpet instead of outside (still working on the house training). DH estimates this dog is 30-50% poo.

Sneaky - With the house training, the whole technique is to watch her carefully, and if we see her going (or more likely, thinking about going), then we interupt her and take her outside. When we pay close enough attention, this has been working. However, if you let up your attention for 30 seconds, you turn back and there is a puddle or pile.

Houdini - We realized fairly quickly she was having some seperation anxiety. She hates to be apart from us! It seemed like being crated added to this anxiety so we tried to come up with an alternative. In seperate occasions she managed to open the bathroom door, jump over a 3 foot baby gate, open a bathroom door that had a chair up against it, and most impressively, get over 5 feet of baby gate (one ontop of the other) and close the bathroom door somehow in the process. She is being crated again now (at least until she is house broken), and she seems much happier being crated in a solid crate in our bedroom instead of a mesh crate in the living room. (this is also where she sleeps for now).

She continues to be adorable, despite all this trouble. I am looking forward to her being off restrictions from her surgery so we can try to engage her and Grim in play, start leash training her, and make her smell pretty!! (or at least not horrendous!!)

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Rachel said...

My dogs end up with names other than their given name too. :-)