Saturday, February 6, 2010

Geez - Slow Down!!

Not to give just another list of what I did post, but that's exactly what I have time for and what I am going to do:

Monday night: dinner with the nestie girls at Aladdin's, tasty and good company!
Tuesday night: beading with a friend. I swore I was not going to make something with orange in it. I made a blue, yellow, and orange necklace. LOL
Wednesday: Trivia!! I only could answer one question - what does OPEC stand for - your turn to answer this one!! I also know how to spell evadable, but no one listened to me.
Thursday: Coffee w/a friend from the econ department, nice seeing her (its been 5 months!!) Then my sister and her husband came into town!!
Friday: Tried out Quaker State for the first time. It was more expensive then I thought it would be, the food was decent. I would go back on all you can eat wing night, and I think my family would love the decor. (over us a motorcycle had just crashed sideways through a glass window). Then we watched Year One, which was quite funny, I am not sure why it did so poorly at the box office.

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