Monday, February 8, 2010

"Super" Bowl

More like "stinky" bowl. LOL. No, it was a fine game. I was rooting for the Colts and they did not make it. I am not sure what happened. At least the food at our superbowl party was good - Sugar Pie (an Indianapolis tradition), Beignets (new orleans donuts - pronounced Ben-yay. I hate french), buffalo chicken dip, cookies, chips with salsa and queso, cake, and plenty of drink options.

It was a fun weekend but it FLEW by. My sister and her husband were visiting. We watched two movies while they were here that did not do as well in theaters as was expected: Year One and Burn After Reading. I thought Year One was pretty funny, and I am not sure why it did poorly. I enjoyed it. Burn After Reading, now that is a different story entirely. Its like they wanted to do something along the attitude of "Snatch", but failed miserably to capture the fun. It was slow moving, and then randomly violent and unpleasant. The funniest character was Brad Pitt, by far. He was hilarious, seriously who knew Brad Pitt could play a complete numbskull, but he did not stick around the whole movie. Not worth seeing, at all.

We also went roller blading, which I really enjoyed. I wish we could do it more. Maybe in the summer we will try to, but of course that won't be as nice of a surface as the indoor place. The indoor place has too many rules though. The fun part about skating is having DH do tricks and teach me to do things, but at this place he could not even skate backwards. I understand the rule is for other peoples safety, but it stil ruins the fun.

We went out to eat. I went to Cladagh's for the first time. The decor and drinks were wonderful, but the food itself was somewhat disapointing - a shepards pie about commiserate with what I can do at home, and somewhat flavorless corn beef and cabbage roles. But, the company was excellent (and the Irish Coffee!!). O'Shaunessey's remains my favorite irish pub in town.

Laurelyn inspired us to pull out the Super Nintendo that has been stored in the basement since we moved. It was a lot of fun watching her play and remined me again how many modes of entertainment we have and do not use. I pulled out the N64 as well. I definitely need to go back to all of these things I already own and enjoy instead of obsessing over buying new things.

I only have one other comment on the weekend. I have read several times that one sign of compatability for couples is having similar energy and activity levels (a couch potato and obsessive compulsive athlete are not likely to be compatible). This showed that my sister and I chose the right spouses with respect to one another, judging by this rule. Her and her husband have so much energy and motivation it put us to shame!! This is not a bad thing on either end, just an observation. Multiple times during the weekend found her and her husband doing something productive - cleaning, hanging blinds, etc, while DH and I stood/sat around and watched, or something similar. My sister can clean and organize until the cows come home, my tolerance is about an hour or two before I become unwilling to deal with the task. We came out of the weekend with a clean fridge, reorganized food cabinets, a clean kitchen, new blinds hung in the kitchen and the guest room, the counter fixed, and a cabinet door that has been broken since we moved in (approaching two years) reattached. We win.

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