Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Only Tuesday?

Yesterday evening turned out to be crazy. We had nothing planned but DH called me at work and said his coworkers were going out to dinner and we should join them, and it sounded like fun. I was supposed to meet them at the bar. I got the dogs walked and played with River some, crated her up, and headed out. When I backed out of the garage my garage door opener would not work. This has been happening intermittently for no apparent reason. So, I got out of the car and went to close is manually. There is no handle on the outside of the door of course, and in trying to close it I managed to get my finger stuck between two of the slats as it came down and crush my finger. It hurt like crazy and a glance revealed that I had basically managed to remove my finger print - peel back the top few layers of skin on the pad of my right middle finger. I did not think it was bad enough for the urgent care, but I was also unsure if I could clean it (the skin was folded under and there was dirt in it), without some sort of pain relief. I called DH and he came home, though by the time he got there it was mostly for moral support as I had decided to try and deal with it at home. (Also, thanks Mom for the moral support!! Whenever I get hurt I call my parents since my Mom is a nurse and Dad is a sports physiology professor). I managed to get it cleaned out, then we headed back to the bar to see DH’s coworkers. I have only met them once or twice. It was fun, though some of the spouses that were their were a bit too vocal and offensive for my liking. The vast majority were fun to hang out with.

We got the second surprise and part of the craziness when we got home. Remember when I said I left River in the crate? Well, when we got home River was running free and there was various chewed up items piled in the center of each room, as if she had gone searching for little things in the corners. And of course she pooped in the house as well. Luckily nothing she got was too valuable, she seems to have similar cheap tastes as Grim when it comes to chewing things up. We went upstairs expecting to find the crate door popped open somehow. We got up there and the crate was upside-down several feet from where I left it, with the door still seemingly closed. Upon closer inspection, the door was actually only half latched, the top latch having not snapped into place. As far as we can guess, River figured out the top half was not latched and in her attempts to push through it flipped the crate, then somehow squirmed through the still mostly-closed door, and had her way with the house. She is quite the little Houdini, and we will be using the locking feature from now on.

This morning my finger is still very tender, I am keeping a close watch on it, and it is slowing down my work - typing and using the mouse, etc.

Trivia update – I am going to trivia tonight and never had a chance to share my victories from last week! Pixel is a combination of picture element. The questions I got right last week were:

(1) Who played Romeo in the 1996 movie remake of the classic story?
(2) What video game features a main character named Snake?
(3) What type of bird has varieties named burrowing, little, and Eurasian Eagle?


Julie said...

Ouch! The description of your finger injury gave me the goosebumps just thinking about it! I'm sure it's super sore today.

Wow...River is impressive! It reminds me of the book "Marley and Me" and how he always managed to get out of his kennel!

Hope the finger gets better soon!

Allison said...

That's horrible and awful-sounding!!! I hope your finger heals okay!

1) Leonardo DiCaprio...mmm :)

That's all I've got.

Laurelyn said...

hope your finger feels better soon. Good luck with River...

1) Leo. DiCaprio.

er... yeah.