Thursday, February 11, 2010


The answer to last week's trivia question, if you are curious, is that OPEC stands for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. I know, you are all thrilled with this information.

The big news in Columbus this week is the weather. We had snow over the weekend, as I reported - around a foot in most places. Then, a second storm came through that they said would drop another 8 inches from Tuesday morning to Wednesday evening. It did not pan out to be nearly as severe as predicted, but a lot of people got time off because of it, which is nice. I was not one of them. We did get about 4-5" on Tuesday during the day, but virtually none overnight. After I shovelled on Tuesday night I made a snow-lama (or as DH calls it, a Snowpaca). It was supposed to be a horse, but looks much more Lama-esque. I also made a nice snow angel. In that sense I am glad it did not snow more on Wednesday, because my art is still there for the neighborhood to enjoy. We might be the only house that does not have kids with snow art.

I went back to Trivia last night, since the weather permitted. I was very successful! I actually made significant contributions on two questions, lets see if anyone can answer them:
(1) What two words were combined to form the word "Pixel" ?
(2) What Animal is the character Meeko in the Disney Movie Pocahantas?

Time is rushing by here. We are seriously considering getting another dog (by considering, I mean we plan to get another dog, a puppy to be precise, its just a matter of finding the right one). I need to make a conscious effort to slow down. I turned down an invite for tonight, and thats a start. Its hard because in general I want to slow down, but when I think of each individual event I go to on a regular basis (book club, classics book club, nestie dinner, classic movies nights, beading with J, trivia, project runway, etc), I do not want to give any of them up. It is a matter of priorities that I am still sorting out.

I do have an ambitious reading list to finish by the end of February (the end of the winter challenge) - Ulysses being the most challenging part. I also want to read or finish reasding Living History, Extras, Picasso, Cry the Beloved Country, and as many others as possible. Wish me luck!!


Allison said...

#2 is a raccoon! One of my HS friends was obsessed with Meeko.

I feel like I should know #1--I think I know one word of it.

Laurelyn said...

i want a picture of a snowpaca!

yeah, #2= raccoon

no clue on #1. But Meeko could have rabies in the state of Ohio (and those east of it...) narrow knowledge base, yes...