Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics: Day 2

Obervations from the Olympics on the first day of active competition:

(1) It is hard to get into watching the luge when someone just died on the track and that is absorbing the coverage, when the track is not being raced the way it was designed (rightfully so, for safety), and when it is a hard sport for me to get excited about anyways because its like "flash of guy going past... flash of guy going past..." etc.

(2) It is really sad that the Canadian women's hockey team beat the Slovakian's 18-0. I know its hard to play defense without playing offense, but couldn't they have slowed it down a bit??

(3) The men's speed skating finals (was that 1500M?? I dont know), was awesome competition.

(4) It is fun and funny watching women's moguls. Fun because it's a highly entertaining sport with great speed and tricks, where you can see the different between who is good and who is great. Funny because you could just as easily take bets on how many knee surgeries each contestant has had as on the results. Seems having multiple knee surgeries is perfectly normal in the sport (one women had SIX), and that is unsurprising given what it looks like.

I love the Olympics :-)

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