Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live from Grandma's

Tonight I am broadcasting live from my Grandma's house. She is sitting about three feet to my left reading a TIME magazine. Patriots vs Jets is on the television, and my Uncle Curt is across the counter cooking dinner, beef stew I believe.

Dinner is soon and I just wanted to sign on and cover a few things I have been meaning to mention.

First, in completing my New Years Resolution from 2010, I incidentally read the entire work of Jane Austen. I think that is an additional accomplishment that deserves recognition. I also read Ulysses, which is one of the hardest books known to man. So, go me.

Second, every team I root for in a playoff situation seems to lose. I really really really do not want to see a Bears v Steelers Super Bowl, I couldn't win because at this time I do not want to see either of these teams win. Hopefully New England comes back and breaks my losing streak.

Third, I have not yet decided whether to host a Super Bowl party. I was planning on NOT hosting this year because last year at the end of the night DH said we wished we had not done it and he did not want to do it again because he had seen so little of the game, but then when I asked him about it last night he was all neutral/even for it. A girl can't win. I will ask around and see who all would come and make the decision that way.

Fourth, my latest pet peeve/diatribe is the misuse of the concept of "fair" and "unfair". I think people use it to apply to to many things. Maybe I already mentioned this, but I just wanted to bring it up again. When you use the fairness concept to apply to things that are outside that realm of conception it just is setting yourself up for unhappiness/disappointment. It implies you are "wronged" when bad things happen. Like my Uncle today was talking about how it was unfair that the potatoes looked good but actually had bad frozen spots. OK. That sucks, but it is not a question of fairness, potatoes cannot treat you unfairly, nor can the weather that froze them.

That is all for now, I am being beckoned to make salad.

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