Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Reviews

Band: Dave Matthews Band
Pre-Existing Knowledge: I knew they were wildly popular in the 90s. One time someone told me that since I liked BNL I would probably like them, so I listened to one song online and hated it.
Opinion Now: I don't like him (still). I dislike the singing voice, and the instrumental part/music leaves something left to be desired, its just not quite satisfying - you are sort of waiting for something to happen and it never does. There was one song I recognized from the radio on the album I listed to, "Crash Into Me." It is an OK song, but again just not quite satisfying

Band: Grateful Dead
Pre-Existing Knowledge: I knew that they sort of have a cult-like following, some people are madly obsessed with them and you still see their symbols and t-shirts a lot of places, they have that messed up teddy-bear logo. I also knew they had a lot to do with drug culture.
Opinion Now: The music was fine, low key. I don't really understand the obsession, I assume now its all totally the drug thing, their lyrics are packed full of drug references. There is one song that prominently featured "High on Cocaine, Driving that Train."

Band: Rammstein
Pre-Existing Knowledge: I knew a lot about them already, I already knew I liked "Du Hast" (there biggest American Hit) and "Feuer" from the movie XXX.
Opinion Now: I like them, they are super good angry music and its fun trying to translate the lyrics. It is so much easier to sound mad in German than English!!

Band: Fleetwood Mac
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Very little, a vague sense about not being sure if they were country or rock.
Opinion Now: I listened to about 40 songs of theirs, and came to the conclusion that their big hits that I did know (without knowing I new - "You Can Go Your Own Way"), is their biggest hit for a reason, because they have a lot of weird stuff, a lot of different sounds. There were couple of other songs I really liked by them, but there were also several songs that I would throw out.

Band: Cat Stevens
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Almost none. If you put a gun to my head I would have guessed Jazz singer.
Opinion Now: Low key, kind of hippie, not bad but nothing to write home over.

Band: Eagle Eye Cherry
Pre-Existing Knowledge: I remembered their hit "Save Tonight" from my high school years, and liked it, but I knew nothing else.
Opinion Now: I like him quite a bit. He has the same quality to his voice that the former singe rof BNL had, and the music while not anything superb has a nice sound and rhythm.

Band: Bush
Pre-Existing Knoweldge: None
Opinion Now: I like them quite a bit, nothing specific sticks out but I would listen to them more.

Band: Brigadoon (OK, not a band, a musical)
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Its a musical, it involves Scotland
Opinion Now: I enjoyed the music, seems like a fun story, would like to see it and am going to see if there is a movie version to add to my netflix queue

Band: The Irish Tenors
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Classical/operatic singing group
Opinion Now: They are quite enjoyable. I especially liked some of the more folksy Irish pieces and learned the origins of some words I did not know before.

Band: Lisa Marie Presley
Pre-Existing Knowledge: The less than popular daughter of Elvis Presley, more famous for being famous than for her musical career.
Opinion Now: There is a reason her music isn't what she is known for.

Band: Bon Jovi
Pre-Existing Knowledge: They recorded "Its My Life", which was madly popular when I was in Germany in High School, and I like that song
Opinion Now: I think I did not get a very representative album, it was VERY country. It was not what I expected at all but I did enjoy it.

Band: Gustav Holst - The Cloud Messanger
Pre-Existing Knowledge: I have hear Holst before, but no particular piece or fact about him stuck out.
Opinion Now: It was a very beautiful piece and I will likely pursue more of his choral work int he future.

Band: Tenacious D
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Jack Black's band, a few songs from Rock Band that I liked playing.
Opinion Now: I like them!! They have a Heavy Rock yet somehow acoustic sound, predictable but highly satisfying, ridiculous lyrics and of course I love Jack Black's craziness.

Band: Rolling Stones
Pre-Existing Knowledge: Epically famous, have a magazine names after them.
Opinion Now: I am holding off judgement. I managed to get an album that was entirely acoustic ("stripped" down).

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Allison said...

The Planets is (as far as I know) Holst's most well-known piece. We actually performed it in marching band and I really like it. If you're looking for more Holst, try that.

And yes, Bon Jovi's newest stuff has moved toward country. It's the older CDs (Slippery When Wet was the biggest one, I think) that are more "old school" Bon Jovi.