Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on Music

You may all be sick of music posts. But I am not, and its my blog, so oh well for you. LOL.

I have been trying to come up with a good way to "cover my basis" on this massive music project I am undertaking. I tried to make a list of all musical genres, so I could try to cover them all, but I am just not sure how it breaks down, and I am sure there are types I do not even know about.

I also started compiling a list of groups/artists people think I should know, which has gotten quite lengthy. I think there are probably some obscure groups on it because some people recommend what they like, not what they think is commonly known, which is fine, but I can't sort it out.

I am also taking specific recommendations from friends, like I did with the books, so feel free to put in your recommendation.

I am also looking for a place/way to keep lists of everything that is going on with my "expand my horizons" project that will be easily linked to from my blog and accessible from work. I am not sure what this will be yet or if it even exists, and it is made more complicated by the fact my work blocks more websites everyday (blogspot has been re-blocked by the way)

ANYWAYS. All boring-to-you, but interesting-to-me administrative comments.

CDs being added to my MP3 player this weekend:

The Essential Alice in Chains
Pyromania by Def Leppard
The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac
Greatest Hits - Guns N Roses
Liebe ist fuer Alle da - Rammstein
Rearview Mirror - Pearl Jam
YoYo Ma Plays the music of John Williams - his classical music, not soundtrack work

A quick update on some of my other resolutions. I made breakfast 5 of 6 days this week, worked out twice, ate fruit and veggies everyday, had soda on two days (counting right now), had one home-cooked dinner, and I have washed all of my dishes. I have not started any of my January projects. I have 32/40 recommendations for books, so I should be able to find 8 more victims, but you are welcome to make a recommendation if you have not. I have not started reading them, but I am not worried about it because last year I read 86 unique books (and a bunch of those I read more than once), and the year before that I read over 100 books, so 40 books is easy, which was sort of the point. It leaves room for books I want to read, and it is not as high pressure as the page count goal in 2010. I have not watched any "classic" movies, but I do have To Kill a Mockingbird from Netflix right now, so that should be remedied soon. I have not used my camera, which is perhaps the most glaring failure. I meant to take it with me on the dog walk today and get some dogs-in-snow photos, but I had just woken up from my nap and was a bit groggy.


Sarah Dee said...

How about "Game Change", the political book that I listened to a few months ago? I have the info on goodreads.

Sarah Dee said...

Oh, how about some Susa marches, or OSU marching band music? If you can find any music by James Swearingen, he's a local composure who (at least 10 years ago) was the most prolifically purchased composure in Japan.

Laurelyn said...

NICE WORK - keep it up!

Bob said...