Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

Ready for a ridiculously complex, and overly ambitious set of New Years goals?
Here they are:

1. Expand my Horizons
A) Read 40 books that have been recommended by other people - I am still taking recommendations. I have about 20 recommendations so far.

B) Watch 20 new "classic" movies - I am also taking recommendations for this, so far I only have two of these picked.

C) Reload my MP3 player with new music at least once a month - I want to completely clean it out of my old music except for my Harry Potter "soundtrack" standbyes that dont really count as music and I use daily

D) Travel to One New Place - Hopefully this will be internationally, but we will see what happens, may just be a new state

E) Try one new experience - restaurant, locale, entertainment - at each "old" place we go (such as Duluth, Kansas, St Louis, Cleveland).

F) Go to 3 concerts/plays/performances in Columbus

2) Take More Pictures - Don't go more than a week without picking up the camera, or in short, make picture taking a habit

3) Healthier Living Habits
A) Make Running a Habit - With or without the dog, lets say 3+ times a week?
B) Make Cooking Breakfast at home a habit
C) Make Portion Control a Habit
D) Remove the Habit of drinking Soda
E) Make eating fruits/vegies a Habit
F) Improve Vitamin compliance -
G) Reduce Fast Food as a Habit

4) Organization (Monthly Goals)
Complete the following tasks each month: (changes possible based on need and life events:)
January - Set up Sewing Room, Take Dry cleaning, Get new carpet
February - Clean basement and streamline Laundry situation
March - Clean out the Red Office and find shelves for all books
April - Clean out and organize garage
May - Plant Veggies, Plant flowers, replant maple tree
June - Trim all outdoor plants, refinish deck
July - Deal with CDs, Videos, and DVDs
August - Organize pictures and scrapbooks
September - Organize recipes
October - clean up garden for winter
November - Rake Leaves
December - decorate for Xmas, get pictures printed

5) Organization 2.0
A) Make a list everytime before going to the Grocery Store
B) Wash dishes as they are used, except during large projects or social occasions
C) Continue use of Chore Chart

In order to track my progress, I will be creating a label for "Goals". Under this label I will try to do a review of every book/movie/travel experience I have, catelogue my completion of monthly tasks, and give periodical updates on how the other goals are going.

Here is to a great New Year!! *TOAST*

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Allison said...

If you don't get too many recommendations for movies (I'm useless on this part), go to the AFI best movies list and work through those.

I hope you're able to get through each of your monthly organization goals--if you do, you'll be in a great place by the end of 2011 (if you can keep them clean/organized....that's always where we fail)!

I hope you get all the things you're looking for out of 2011. Cheers!