Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK 2011

Today is Martin Luther King Day. I have it off because I am a state employee. It is one of those holiday's where I don't do anything to celebrate and feel guilty for having it off when it is so pointless.
The one MLK related thing I did was listen to an NPR story my dad sent me about the way in which the "I have a Dream" speech is being treated like commercial property and not like a political/religious message that can inspire current leaders. It was pretty interesting. I also spent a very brief ammount of time thinking about why we have the day off and how I think MLK would probably want to celebrated. I honestly did not come up with much, besides perhaps the obvious of doing something to promote civil rights.

But, that sounds like way too much work. So what did I do today? I got up early and made breakfast, did some cleaning, started (and nearly finished) the process of getting all of my songs loaded into Rockband 3. I have had the game for almost three months and have hardly used it for two reasons (1) It did not have all the songs in it yet and (2) It is a very social thing for me and I have not been willing to have people over due to my carpet. Both of these are getting solved this week, because I also had a carpet guy visit my house this weekend and am having new carpet installed in my living room, dining room, family room, and stairs on Wednesday. The price is a steal, seriously. We went out to lunch at City BBQ, and ran some efficient errands.

Overall it was a good day, though I have to admit I am really lame and am not quite sure what to do with myself now that I have had an entire free day and have no plans this evening... what a ridiculous problem to have.

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