Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snowy Evening

Its a nice, snowy evening. It snowed about 2 inches between 1pm and 7pm. This unfortunately caused mass chaos in Columbus. It took me an hour to get home, a drive that is normally about 10 minutes, maybe 20 at rush hour. I was supposed to go to a friends house tonight but decided not to venture out to the highway after Dh's report of it's chaos.

I was supposed to go running today, but I didn't because of the snow. Instead of running, I shovelled. As far as I am concerned, shovelling is AT LEAST as good as running when it comes to a work out, especially when you consider the way I run (slowly and not very long) and the way I shovel (vigorously). I even shovelled the neighbor's walk/drive for good measure.

Other news in New Years Resolutions, they are going decently. Its interesting going around and trying to get recommendations on books and music and movies. It is interesting to me how hard it is for people to "get" what I am doing. I have had to answer/rebuff the question "what are you looking for?" or "I don't know what you would like!" or "this site is a great way to find new music you like." I know it may be really novel, but I am not trying to find new music/movies/books that I like. If I do like these things, then thats great, but this is more about expanding what parts of the world (of art in these cases) I am exposed to, like it or not. In the case of the books, it is about taking on new perspectives and trying to see what you can get out of all types of books. In the case of the music and movies, it is about understanding those references and such that people make, knowing what people are talking about when they discuss popular or classic movies and music. Is that so hard to understand?

Maybe I am just a complete nerd.


Bob said...

Rest = 1 MET
Max for you = 12 METS
Running (jogging) = 7-8 METS
Snowshoveling (average) = 7 METS
HEAVY WET SNOW = 12 METS or more w/o breaks

Breathing cold air causes constriction of coronary arteries which makes its worse for older fogies to attack their driveway. You are nice to clear your neighbors walk! FYI operating snowblower = 5 METs... Driving plow truck = 2 METS until you get it stuck !

Laurelyn said...

rofl I had to see if the 1 comment was Dad telling you that absolutely shoveling is good for you!