Saturday, January 15, 2011

LONG Update.... becoming a trend

Another week has gone by.

Monday was the national championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Since it was on ESPN we went to a friends house to watch it. It was a very sloppy game and we stayed up too late.

Tuesday I came home early from work, I just didn't feel like being their and our schedules are very flexible. I was tired from the previous night, so I took a nice nap and then we had a quiet night in.

Wednesday I went to Trivia. I actually helped out with some of the answers, which is not very common. I guessed that Lays Potato Chips were started in 1936, the answer was 1937 (it was a 10 yr range). I deduced that Kiefer Sutherland was not Canadian by use of the pro-Canada commercial that ran during the olympics and featured a lot of big Canadian actors (the group was debating between England and Canada). It was a fun night.

Thursday was another quiet night in.

Friday I came home and cooked Spaghetti. We watched I'm Still Here, the film in which Joaquim Phoenix pretended to retire from acting and try to start a hip hop commercial. This attempt was documented by his brother in law who was supposedly making a documentary, but in actuality Joaquim was acting. Almost no one new this (friends, agents, the general public). The movie is very weird, I would say intense. I actually think people will have one of two reactions. I think a lot of people would just be like "Did I really just waste 2 hrs of my life for that?", but hopefully some other people would be like me and it would make them think about a lot of things. The thoughts lingered and I ended up having a disturbing dream, maybe even a nightmare depending on you definition. It was an existential crisis dream, a failure dream. Any movie that can give me a meaningful/disturbing dream gets 5 stars in my opinion.

Today I went in and got some overtime in, then I ran some errands that turned out to be quite frustrating, including circling looking for a UPS drop box and an hour at a very grumpy post office with poor service and even more ridiculous international rates. Then I stopped by Wendy's and their service seemed so incredibly great after the USPS that I had half a mind to call the manager and compliment them. LOL.

Now a quick update on my goals--
I did not listen to much music this week because I have had more MP3 Player issues, but I am getting it back up and running today, and will be adding five new albums:

crash by Dave Matthews Band
The Very Best of the Grateful Dead
Diana and the Supremes, #1 Hits
Teasar and the Firecats by Cat Stevens
Stevie Wonder Number Ones

I also watched my first classic movie (of 20). I watched To Kill a Mocking Bird. It was really good. While I had read the book, I did not remember some of the details. That book was seriously groundbreaking, some of the issues it dealt with, and in such an interesting way. The movie was very well put together and well cast. I highly recommend it.

In terms of books, I have three of the recommended books in my possession now, but have not started them because I need to finish up something for book club first. I plan to start The Secret soon. I still have some open recommendation slots if anyone is interested.

Organizationally, I did arrange to get my new carpet. They are coming on Monday to measure and bring samples, installation will be a couple days after that. I did some cleaning in my office to move towards making it a sewing room. The unexpected consequence of this was that I picked up my violin and "fiddled" around a little bit. I think I may end up using it as a music and sewing room. DH and I also did some joint organization, we had a "date" set up this weekend to go through a few trouble spots in the kitchen that were bothering DH. We cleaned out the junk drawer, the upper dry-food cabinets, and the area next to the stove where spices etc tend to get stacked resulting in spills and dog messes (when they steal, lets say, a big jar of paprika off the counter).

Health - made breakfast 4/5 workdays, cooked two dinners at home, exercised once, ate fruits and veggies everyday. I still have not managed to get out a camera. Overall things are going well though.

Other random things
I worked 23 hrs of overtime in the past week. Yay money!
My coworker, who I have been significantly helping with her caseload, resigned to pursue other options, the work was making her way to stressed. It was probably the right choice for everyone.
Looking forward to watching NFL playoffs this afternoon!
Trying to decide whether or not to go to my Gmas tomorrow.
DH is on call, which is kind of stressful, but so it goes.
DH and I have a "date" next weekend to clean out the front closet.

It is really strange for me to have a three day weekend and have nothing planned, makes me feel a bit anti-social. I tried to plan something the last minute but nothing came together, so I guess I will just have to entertain myself.

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