Sunday, May 6, 2012

4 Months Old!

Benjamin turned four days old yesterday on Cinco de Mayo, and Derby Day! He seems to grow everyday! Since my last post, he has discovered his toes. I am not sure that he knows they are his, but he certainly likes to hold onto them! He has been babbling a lot and really shrieking. He likes to watch us dance and sing and generally make fools of ourselves. He likes songs that have hand motions, like Itsy Bitsy Spider (which my husband had re-written to be the pretty big spider), Princess Pat, and Little Green Frog. DH does a rousing rendition of Old McDonald's farm that involves panda bears, worms, velociraptors, and my brother living on the farm. I have a version of "The Ants go Marching" that my mom claims is totally wrong. We also sing the alphabet song (A Alligators all around, B Bursting balloons, etc). I wrote a little song to sing to him that is pretty basic but he loves it and it always gets him laughing as I poke his various body parts. It goes as follows:
 You are a baby, You are a baby
Baby brows and baby eyes, baby calves and baby thighs
You are a baby. 
Baby nostrils and baby nose, baby feet and baby toes
You are a baby.
Baby hair and baby ears, baby smiles and baby tears
You are a baby.
Baby tummy and baby heart, baby butt with baby farts
You are a baby.
Baby skin and baby hips, baby gums and baby lips.
You are a baby
Baby cheeks and baby chin, baby knees and baby shins
You are a baby
Baby hands and baby wiggles, baby coos and baby giggles
You are a baby, you are my baby.

 Meanwhile, besides the normal age appropriate songs, we also sing some less appropriate songs. He loves it when you take his hands and do "Mmmm look at that body mmm look at that body mmmm look at that body mmm I work out" and "wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah" from the song Sexy and I Know It. I also mix it with parts of Party Rock Anthem. He likes being naked or as near naked as possible and he loves skin to skin contact. Sometimes when you are changing his outfit or diaper (usually both) he gets so giggly you don't want to finish and just want to stand there and make him laugh by saying ridiculous things like "what are you laughing at?"

I have not been as diligent at picture taking, largely because my camera stopped working. I grabbed my Dad's (SLR) camera yesterday and today however and took a few pictures, some of which I absolutely love. I was tempted to post about five more here than I am, mostly various pictures of him holding the "4 Months Old" card like above, including one where he is eating the card, but I figured this is enough pictures for now.

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Anonymous said...

Almost fell off my chair giggling aboout Aarons old mcdonald song :-) I like your song too!