Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goal Update

I have a few goals floating out there - both my New Years Resolutions and my 30x30 list. I thought I would take a minute to review them.

New Years Resolutions: 
(1) Reading (10 minutes a day, 24 books in the year). -- I have not been reading everyday, but I certainly am still reading. I have read 4 books so far, not on pace to make the 24, but I am confident I will be able to!
(2) Blogging  (2 posts a week) - I have posted 44 times this year, which is more than twice a week, so I am doing quite well on this front!
(3) Record keeping - I have not done Benjamin's baby book, but have been keeping lots of records via blog, journal, and camera, so I feel like I am completing this one. Instead of doing the babybook I bought I hope to put together a first year book at the end of the year.
(4) Get a Job in Duluth -- I am doing my best!

I am sure you don't want a blow by blow account of how each of the 30 goals is going, I just want to discuss what I have done and what I hope to do next. I have been gathering information for the goals. For example, I have identified that the park for #22 is Great River Bluff State Park in the southeastern corner of Minnesota. I have also learned that the safest/best/most legal way to get to the bottom of Palisade (#19) is to kayak there, and have recruited my mom to help hook me up with someone she knows who kayaks.  I have also started to eat some mushroom (#4), and to learn to cook some of the recipes mentioned in #29. For #29, I do not want to make each  one once and call it done, I want to make them enough times that I feel confident that they are in my cooking repetoire. I have made pancakes once with my dad's recipe and I have made french toast once. French toast is really easy and I may already consider that one mastered. For the pancakes, I want to try some more traditional recipes and practice practice practice. We are actively looking for our forever home.

Some of the fitness related tasks will require a bit of effort on my part. (the weight loss, hiking, rollerblading, snowboarding, etc). When I got cleared to work out at 8 weeks I was motivated and did really well for a few weeks doing at home work outs, but I have fallen off the wagon. Two things recently have inspired me to get back on. (1) My older sister is training for a marathon. She completed a 20 mile run on Friday morning that ended at my parent's house. She walked up the drive looking like she was going for a stroll in the park. I would look worse after walking a mile! I am simultaneously embarrassed and inspired by how fit she is! (2) The Macerena at my brother's wedding! It had me gurgling my heart and my quads were cramping, pathetic! So its back onto the fitness wagon for me! Maybe even intensified a bit. Starting this week with watching my diet better. 

Other things I really need to get on - finding an organization to volunteer with, somewhere that had repeated opportunities that allowed me to take Benjamin along would be ideal. I also need to track down a good option for going out on Lake Superior, see if I know anyone with a boat! And I should start writing, won't get anything done if I don't write!

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