Friday, May 25, 2012

Falling in Place

I am very happy to report that things are falling into place. My stress, though intense, was relatively short lived.

On Tuesday morning I "snuck" out of the house early to try and get my drug test done before it interfered with any plans. My MIL is in town and I thought I could be back before people really got moving to do anything. I arrived at the lab at 8:30am and failed to be able to provide a big enough sample. I drank another liter and a half of water and just sat and waited... and waited.. and waited.

While I waited I received a call from a daycare center. I had emailed them before noticing in their webpage that they specialized in serving the needs of "parents with additional stresses". I figured that even if they had a spot open that as a married, middle class, educated family we would not qualify for it. However, the lady on the phone assured me that while they do offer services that would benefit "parents with additional stresses" that they did not limit their clientele to this, and that they did have a full time infant spot open. I told her I would come over around 10am, figuring I surely would have been able to give a sample by then.

It ended up being a rush! I do not know if it was due to breast feeding or what, but my body just absorbed the water it seemed, and it took forever for me to need to go. I finally did around 9:40 and then hopped into the car to head back across town to see the daycare. I was running late so I did not stop and change babies diaper or feed him even though I knew he needed both, he was happy and I figured I could do it after.

The tour of the center was great. Everyone I met was very nice and very professional. The infant room had 6 infants in it and three adults when I walked in. One of them was not technically an infant teacher, but she was helping out because her specific job (food coordinator) leaves her with lots of extra time. Also, because they share a building with a senior living center, they have a volunteer named "Grandma Mary" who comes and helps do projects, rock babies to sleep, etc. All the kids were engaged and playing on the rug, or down for naps in a nice nursery room. Also, the office staff (of two) was very engaged with the kids as well. It was just really great - caring adults with loving hands everywhere. And the the main infant teacher gave me a great vibe, she was very engaged and very concerned with understanding what Benjamin would need to be happy and what I would need to feel comfortable leaving him there.

 I was almost certain we wanted the spot, but I had to check with DH, so I went out to the car and talked to him on the cell, then headed back in to sign up and put down a deposit. Well, I handed DS to the office manager to fill out paperwork and he immediately began screaming. She asked if he could be wet or hungry and I had to admit he was both! I felt like an awful mother but they were so nice about it, changed his diaper and found somewhere for me to nurse. Once he was clean and dry I finished the paperwork while they took turns holding him. They did a decent job considering his normal tendency to scream when I am not around. I am still sure that the first few days will be rough, but I also feel like they will take really good care of him and not just let him cry or ignore him in favor of dealing with other kids.

We also have made some progress on the housing front. We are going to be making an offer on a house this weekend. I know this does not mean that everything will work out with it, but I really just feel like we are headed in the right direction mentally and with our actions. We have been given some advice during this house hunt and during the trouble we have had with it. People suggested that we be patient, consider raising our price range, and stop putting pressure on ourselves to make this the end all/be all (surely forever) house. I think we are taking all three pieces of advice. The house we are putting an offer on is a bit more expensive than we were looking, and it may not be our forever home, but if we successful purchase it we will live their a long time and very happily. More details on the house once we are in contract!

Finally, I received the call yesterday that all is in order for me to start work on June 18th. I passed the background check and drug test. I got a nice email from my supervisor welcoming me to the team.

So yes, things are falling into place. Its a bit unfortunate all these big things had to be going on while my MIL is here, because I feel like I have not had a chance to enjoy her company as much as I had hoped. I have been running around to labs and day cares etc. But I am very glad things are starting to get settled.


Allison said...

Wow, just reading tha made my stress levels decrease. I sounds like things are really coming together for you and I couldn't be happier for you! I can't wait to hear about the house!

Rachel said...

There's definitely been a lot of stressers for you guys and I've been thinking about you a lot. :-)I'm so glad things are looking up!