Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Blogging

So my blog, while clearly not entirely neglected, has been somewhat random for the last month or so.

But who can blame me. In the last six weeks I have been out of town to four different locations, attended to graduations and three weddings, become officially unemployed, and many other chaotic things. It seems like ages since I have just been in Columbus living "normal", or should I say routine, life.

I just sent my last obligation to OSU Political Science off via email and now am officially and fully unemployed. My tasks for the coming weeks are clear: apply for lots of jobs, clean the house, get back into the habit of cooking and getting things done.

The first challenge I find in this is getting up in the morning. It was so easy to get up in the morning in Duluth, but here it is so hard, and I am not sure of the difference. I think the first thing is the natural lighting that came into the room I slept in there, which is easy enough to change here by opening some blinds before bed, since our windows face east. Second, I think, is having a relatively clear and peaceful place to sit, wake up, and eat breakfast. Third, which is the hard part, is having things I am looking forward to to get up for. I will have to work on that one.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like real

Anonymous said...

i vote that it's hard to get up in the city and easy in the country... but that's cuz i'm me. I'm never motivated when I live in town. Probably due to your 3rd reason :-)

-the country girl