Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations Josh and Laurelyn!!

Laurelyn and Josh, June 12th 2009

My toast to the happy couple, as given at the wedding:

Sometimes love is shy
Two blushing teenagers in a barn,
Together with friends on the farm,
Feeling an attraction unspoken,
From friendship, a romance awoken

Sometimes love is quiet,

A mischievous grin as plots are made,
Coming to each others aid,
A second drive by when one is required
Chatting on the phone, even when tired

Sometimes love is loyal
Whether it be moving out of state
Laughing at My Dog Skip on the first date
Putting up with dogs and horses
Or trying the food your S.O. endorses

Sometimes love is adventure
Driving to Santa Fe and back
Or Living in some run down shack
Going canoeing on your honeymoon
Come rain, high water or full out monsoon

Sometimes love is freedom
Learning to let go of control
Moving apart to pursue life's goals
Seperation makes the heart grow fonder
Knowing your be loved wherever you wander.

Sometimes love is celebration
A party together on the lake shore
Wild Thyme filling up the dance floor
Smiling together to see two lives wed
Remembering the past and looking ahead

Sometimes love is obvious
Laurelyn and Josh,
Its been obvious from the start
Though of two bodies, you share one heart
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
May life bring laughter and love to you two.


~ Written by Amanda


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thanks so much, Amanda

Sarah Dee said...

That's a beautiful speech. You're so sweet!