Monday, June 8, 2009

The Drive

On the road with Grim.

We stayed in St. Ignace at a little locally owned hotel, of course right on the water because all of the St Ignace hotels are on the water. Here is Grim enjoying the view.

Day two. Look at those puppy dog eyes!!

A rest stop on the shore of Lake Superior.

Did I mention its a beautiful drive? I have a lot of pictures of the road and the view from the road, but this about sums it up as an average moment in the drive.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures....I marvel how you and Laurelyn drive all over the place and seem to do it so easily.

I told Kier if you all can do it we should be able to...but he told me that "there is a difference in ages".. oh well...Incidentally Happy belated birthday...

Grim must have travelled well.

Sarah Dee said...

You're right, Grim looks totally at home there. The pictures are beautiful!