Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home Again Home Again

Home to Duluth.. Home to Columbus. Looks like any direction I turn there is some form of home. That is both a good thing and a bad thing.

The drive from Columbus to Duluth with Grim went very well. She is a traveling super star. The motel in St Ignace was nice and the UP is gorgeous this time of year... ok. It is always gorgeous.

So now I am chillaxing in Duluth. There already is some wedding craziness going on, set down on top of the normal craziness that already exists. My brother, Max, is running around looking like Wolvering (serious hair cut is in order), and Michi (little sister) is busy with soccer and her boyfriend, who the whole family approves of at the moment, so that is good at least! Grim likes it here with her cousins (or would they be aunts and uncles?) - Hope and Daunte (my parent's dogs). She likes the horses. She likes being of leash. She likes more people around to pet her.

I have been horseback riding twice so far. Both times on Joey Pony. Horses can be fun, when not too much work is involved. LEK likes it when I ride with her so she does the work part. Joey has got to be one of the cutest horses on the planet. We also had an adventure yesterday with a "test run" of seeng if LEK could sit on a horse in her wedding dress. I have some great pictures of that that will be posted after the wedding.

Life is good here, as usual. DH is holding the fort down in Columbus, he comes in on Wednesday night.


tbonegrl said...

Glad you are having fun, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. I do so enjoy reading what is going on in the "real" world...