Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Social Butterfly

Last night I had book club, which was a lot of fun despite my dislike of the book. And the food was amazing. I ate way to much! There was crack dip (aka.. buffalo chicken dip), and these amazing s'more bars.

Book club is just the start of a busy social calander for the week. Tonight a couple of friends are coming over to play Rock Band (and perhaps some Wii). Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help me sort through all the stuff brought from my parents house (though it needs my sister's touch... lol. And yes, LEK, I am getting more book shelves!!) And then, Thursday night people are coming over to watch Torchwood. The new season of Torchwood (or really, the mini series), starts July 20th, so we need to finish the DVDs by then. Then, Saturday is the fourth (I don't know what we are doing), and Sunday we are going to a BBQ in Cleveland with my mom's relatives.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I also had a coffee date yesterday with that friend I mentioned. It went well and was fun. She is a bit older and more experienced in the world than me, and had a lot of advice about my job hunt, which quite frankly isn't going well. I started this morning with two rejections from jobs I just applied for yesterday. There is some folgers in my cup...

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tbonegrl said...

Thanks again for coming. I had a great time too, and the book certainly created what I hoped: strong viewpoints that led to at least (some) good book discussion!