Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Again -- Again

Once again I find myself about to embark on a journey away from one place I consider home and towards another I consider home. I leave in about 45 minutes to head back to St Ignace, MI. Tomorrow I will drive from their, back to Columbus.

It has been a good trip, not to short like so many of them are. I have been here two weeks and it feels like it, yet I still do not want to leave in many regards. I will miss my family, of course, but also Duluth itself - the beauty that is Northern Minnesota. I have talked about it on this blog before. Ohio has its own beauty, in the words of my sister, a pastoral beauty - rolling hills and green pastures. Minnesota has a rugged beauty - crashing blue waves of Lake Superior, jagged rocks and cliffs on the Lake Shore, pine tree covered vistas. I will miss it when I cannot drive through it everyday. I always miss it.

Anyways, I will talk to you again in two days.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good trip from one home to another home...