Monday, July 13, 2009


Pretty Blue Skies
Cousin Anthony and Aunt Adele

Beth and Ken took us on a hay ride!

Rachel and Anthony share a laugh

Us. :-)

Cousin Jessica and her Daughter Annebelle

Aunt Dottie (Uncle Jim in the background, Uncle Bill in the foreground)


Uncle Jim holds his Grand child Kyle, Cousin Dan holds daughter Jessica

Cousin Anthony holds his niece Annebelle

Close up of pretty cute little flowers.

Me in Corn (as high as an elephants eye?)

Laurelyn smiles with Uncle Bill, Cousin Gary, and Cousin Anthony in the background.

Uncle Bill

Uncle Jim holds his very sleep nephew Kyle

Proof I was out on this scary (dangerous) train tressle. It was fun despite how stupid I felt.

Cousin Dan

Holly Hocks - I saw and liked these, so Ken gave me some to take home and plant.

More Pretty Flowers!


Simi said...

great pix! :)

Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR SHARING! I'll have to see all of them from that day sometime soon...

LOVE the new cloud background - do you see shapes?! :-)