Friday, July 31, 2009


Our alarm got unplugged yesterday, and when I went to reset it, in my never ending wisdom, I set it for 11:30am instead of of 11:30pm. That means that our alarms did not go off this morning. Instead, DH woke up at 8:47am when he had been planning to be at work at 9am.

Luckily its not that big of a deal. Since DH was on call last week he wracked up tons of extra hours that need to be "used". He has been coming home at 2 in the afternoon this week. Today it might be 2:30pm.

In other news, I am becoming a nomadic reader - 50 pages of this book, 50 pages of that book. I have recently finished North and South, historical fiction set right before the civil war (there are two more books in the series that actually cover the civil war), Dream of a Peaceful Dragon, about one woman's trek across Bhutan, and A Single Hound, which is poems by Emily Dickenson. I am currently reading five books. (nomadic, see?) - a biography of Ulysses Grant, a turn of the century murder mystery, a spoof of L.A. culture, a fictional work on the Mormon church and plural marriage, and the nonfiction autobiography of one of Brigham Young's many wives. For this last book, I am erasing as I go. Whoever read it last was clearly a devote Mormon who felt it necessary to write "not true" or "she doesn't understand the doctrine" or "this is not our teaching" next to every passage in which she insults the LDS church or points out the flaws of its founders. Its really annoying, so I am erasing it so the next person does not have to put up with it. Seriously, who writes in library books?

I plea to the world: DONT WRITE IN LIBRARY BOOKS.

Anything else interesting? My job hunt continues. There were actually jobs to apply to this week, so that is nice. Next week there is a job fair I am going to, but I am not optimistic about the opportunities it will create.


Simi said...

I need to work on reading comprehesion, i read it at DO NOT WRITE IN LIBRARIES and i'm like HUH?

Writing in Library Books is EVIL. People shouldn't do it.

Rachel said...

Yes, writing in any book that doesn't belong to you is wrong. :-P

Anonymous said...

i have a hard enough time writing in MY books, how could someone write in a book that wasn't theirs?!!!