Monday, July 27, 2009

Sister Act

The first part of the weekend was dominated by a much anticipated visit from my older sister LEK (from here on out, LEKT), and her new husband. JET.

They arrived late Friday afternoon. We hung out and chatted, walked the dog, and then went off for a tasty dinner at Donatos (my favorite pizza in Columbus). We rented a movie, grabbed some snacks, and came home just in time to meet Aaron coming home from work. After some video games (Rock Band) we walked the dog again, this time to Dairy Queen. yum! Then, back at the house we watched Yes Man, which I really enjoyed. It has some good messages: Don't let life pass you by, everything is best in moderation, and THINK for yourself.

Saturday morning we intended to go to the Farmer's market, but plans got changed due to the downpour. We tried to find cousin Becky, but failed, then we did some shopping. It started pouring again when we were in Target and I got to run across the flooded parking lot to get the car. I really do love rain! We ate at El Vaquero, then headed home for a relaxing afternoon (LEKT and JET needed their sleep). We watched Kung Fu Panda and napped away the afternoon. When we finally woke up (OK, I was the last one up!), we went for a very nice walk at Sharon Woods Metro Park, and then headed to the Pig Iron for a seriously tasty BBQ dinner. (MMM, corn pudding). After that we played some games (Buzz Word, a video game trivia game), and then watched Hancock. That took us to 2am, when our guests left for Cleveland so that JET could make his 5:45am flight back to Denver. It was very good seeing them!

Obviously, the schedule of the visit means we slept in on Sunday. When we finally did get up we watched 10,000 BC, and then I headed for Grandma's.

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Simi said...

Sounds like a great time, if not a lil hectic! :) I can't believe they left at 2AM! Eek painful! I'm getting old for stuff like that :p