Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chronological Lapse

Its not that I have nothing to blog about, its just that I am lazy.

What I chronologically should blog about is the BBQ I went to Sunday with my maternal extended family. It was a lot of fun and I got some good pictures. But, as I am lazy and don't want to go downstairs to get my purse to get my camera out to upload pictures, I cannot exactly blog about it yet, can I? Or at least not fully.

I also realized that I never posted nearly all of what I intended to about my trip to Duluth. I had some great days up there after the wedding that never got posted about, and some great pictures. I do not know if its worth going back to. Sometime I might just dump a lot of pretty pictures on here.

So, out of chronological order, what I do want to blog about is fiction. What fiction have I been engaged in lately? In the past week or two I read (or finished reading) Tale of Two Cities, A Picture of Dorian Grey, and Pride and Prejudice. I also am half way through a really terrible book called Wild Animus and have made significant progress in my non-fiction read (which I always move through more slowly than fiction), The God Delusion. Besides that, I have established a weekly event of having people over to watch Torchwood, a BBC show, and have borrowed four movies from the library and watched them - The Illusionist, North Country, Forbidden Kingdom and Triplets of Belleville. Oh. And we rented Underworld: Rise of the Licans and Bank Job from the movie store.

So... what should I review? Quite a few choices, eh? I think what I missed about being in graduate school the most was the lack of good fiction. I certainly have no shortage now. If any of my readers want me to review any of these books or films I would be most delighted, but as I do not have time to talk about them all, I shall focus on one - A Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. I hear that it was his only novel and that it got him tried for indecency. '

It really is a horrible book, not enjoyable to read in any way shape or form. The characters are horrendous. They are (not all at once, but in parts), vane, stupid, pompous, self-righteous, cruel, evil, egotistical, ignorant, naive, impulsive, obsessive, superficial, contrary, and overly-emotional, indulgent, enabling, and fatuous. In short, they are meant to characterize and display every horrible thing that human beings so often are. Really, the book is pure genius. I don't know how he thought of it, how he constructed it so carefully to be so horrible. I had a friend who had to stop reading it because she started to get nightmares, and I can see why. Although, while her nightmares were likely of the morbid and murderous themes, mine would more likely be of the self-loathing and entrapment themes. In short, this book was horrible, but it is meant to be horrible, and is genius in its horribleness. Everyone should read it, no one will enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

awaiting all those wonderful pictures....was Laurelyn at the holiday celebration.

Anonymous said...

you'd almost intrigued me into wanting to read this horrible book, until you mentioned nightmares. no thanks, i can generate enough of those on my own.

yes i was there, sorry I haven't posted this week, I didn't have many positive things to say, so i didn't say anything and, like my sister, lost myself in the world of fiction :-)


Brooke said...

Well so much for choosing that a my choice for Classics & Cocktails!

Manday said...

Picture of Dorian Grey? You can still choose it. It is fresh in my mind!!