Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Third Anniversary!

Yesterday marked three years of marriage for my and DH. It seems like it has been both not that long and forever.

To celebrate we went to The Refectory. It is a very fancy resteraunt here in Columbus, by far the fanciest resteraunt I have ever been to, and it was a really fun evening. I had the TOMATO SALADE with julienned salami, wild caper vinaigrette, LEMON ROSEMARY DUCK BREASTwith sour cherry bordelaise, and TRADITIONAL VANILLA CREME BRULEE. DH had the REFECTORY CRAB CAKE with mild smoked red bell pepper veloute, BABY RACK OF LAMBwith Bleu d'Auvergne and lamb jus, and RASPBERRY SILK CAKE Almond Daquise layered with Raspberry Gelée, White Chocolate Bavarian and Hazlenut Crunch . Everything was amazing. We think the crab cake and the creme brulee have wrecked cheaper crab cake and creme brulee for us. lol. I might say that the Duck and Lamb did as well, but since we never have those, its a moot point. After dinner we rented a movie and came home and watched it. It was Run Fatboy Run, and was funny and very sweet.

For the past two years I have written in a journal on our anniversary about what happened in the year, who we are friends with, what we do, and what are plans are for the future. It changed a lot from year one to year two, and will change again I am sure for year three since I am not in school anymore!! Someday perhaps it will stabilize. I thought I would share some of the things I wrote this year with my blog readers.

- This is the first year of our Marriage that we did not move. We still are enjoying our first home.

- This year we got a third cat, the fourth pet in the household, Little Caesar, who is shy but so affectionate when he trusts you. He is still skittish but improves every day

- Our friend Ben is still living with us and we still enjoy his company, though he has mentioned moving back to Missouri in the next year for work reasons.

- In the past year, DH was hired on by the state, told they were eliminating his position, and switched back to Accenture

- I quit school with just my masters and have been unemployed for two months now, looking for a job for five months.

- For fun, we play some video games, have people over for rockband, DH plays World of Warcraft (I was into it for awhile but stopped playing when she was travelling so much in May and June). I have been reading A LOT. We don't watch much TV these days - occasionally Leverage. I like Deadliest Catch while Aaron is always trying to change channels to 16 & Pregnant on MTV. We still occasionally go to Crew soccer games and the Dollar Theater, but have been renting a lot more movies recently.

- The Current Events of the year: Obama was elected president (much to our happiness), the Economy crashed, the government put a lot of money into stimulus, the big debate is currently health care reform though not long ago it was climate change, Iraq is not in the news as much and the U.S. is working towards a withdrawal, Afghanistan is still a mess.

- Songs/Music this year that we noted So What by Pink, Love Story by Taylor Swift, J-Pop Videos, Like a Boss spoof

- Movies we saw this year (some!) - Dark Knight, Harry Potter 6, Slumdog Millionaire, Mega Shark vs Giant Octupus, Underworld Rise of the Lichans, Milk, Kite Runner, North Country, The Illusionist, Run Fatboy Run, Twilight

- Then I wrote down what all of our friends are up to. There were three weddings this year, and two new engagements to report, along with the one death.

- For our anniversary we went to The Refectory and had a great dinner.

- Our plans for the future, we hope to stay in Columbus another 2-3 years (DH keeping the same job), and Amanda needs to find a job, or might end up back in school.


Sarah Dee said...

congratulations on a happy 3 years! It sounds like it has been busy, but full of love and friendship.

Rachel said...

What? Someone's moving out of Ohio for job reasons??? Shocking.
Glad you had a nice anniversary!