Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hi, my name is GIANT NERD

Saturday was pleasant, though do to my discretion, quite long.

I spent the afternoon at a baby shower for a friend. It was pretty small - about 8 people - and lots of fun.

Then, when I got home DH and I decided to go out and spend the evening together. We went to Red Lobster. MMM. Coconut Shrimp and a Malibu Hurricane, quite tasty. Then we went shopping (more browsing). It was nice just spending time together. We almost went to the dollar theater, but there was nothing playing we were both interested, so we ended the evening "out" at Half Price Books, where we bought a bunch of classics for cheap.

When we got home I played rock band and drank Malibu&Pineapple Juice. I don't typically play alone that much, but it earns your characters money in a way that playing at Rock Band parties does not... and you then use the money to style your characters in ridiculous ways, which is very fun to me for whatever reason. After playing awhile I decided I needed to read George Orwell's Animal Farm in its entirity. I had never read it and had bought it at the book store. Its about 125 pages long. I did it too, I stayed up late reading a classic novel.

Thats right, I got tipsy and decided to read a classic novel. I am such a rebel. You can call me nerd now.

P.S. - It was not worth it. As a political science scholar, it was just redudent to a million arguments and facts I already knew.

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Anonymous said...

1. you drank pinapple juice and malibu without me? sniff. I hope you at least toasted my pending bday... lol

2. how were you lucky enough to have survived primary school having NOT read Animal Farm? I read it twice, once because I stupidly chose to and once because we were required to. Poor Boxer.

:-) LT