Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 Months Old

Benjamin turned 2 months old yesterday! (insert all cliched "time flies" type statements here, because they are all true). He had his two month doctors appt today. He is up to 12lbs 6 oz (66th percentile) and 23.75" (75th percentile). The doctor was satisfied with these numbers! The check up went great. The doctor was very impressed with his head control when he is on his stomach. He holds it up so high and so well now! He also has officially been diagnosed with Eczema - this is what was causing the baby acne. He had the one flare up several weeks ago that cleared up in 7-10 days and he is just starting another flare. She said this is common for eczema and gave some advice on treating it.  He of course got a lot of vaccines today - three shots and one oral. I did not know they have a rotovirus vaccine but was very happy to be getting it for him as it has been going around (not in my family or anything, just has been in the news a lot etc). So, clean bill of health! Of course now he is spending the evening fussy and sleepy because of the shots. He may get his first Tylenol later if the soreness continues.

A normal day for us, if there is one... I get up when Benjamin wakes up and won't settle again, usually around 7:30am. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Sometimes if it was a bad night I bring him into bed with me so he will sleep a little bit longer. It is like hitting the snooze button though- not long lived and not very deep sleep. We change his diaper, come downstairs and I put him in tummy time in the middle of the dining room table while I check my email etc and make some breakfast. He usually starts to fuss right around when I want to be using both hands to eat! I flip him and lay him on his back, sing to him etc, and if he fusses that way then I pick him up in my lap. With this all done he usually is ready to go to sleep again, so we rock him or put him in the swing, or become a human swing. He typically falls asleep on my chest and then I have to try to put him down. Some days he lets me, other days I end up holding him all day.  If he lets me put him down, I have anywhere from 30-90 minutes to do laundry, shower, etc. If he does not let me put him down, it will be an unproductive day! Then he wakes up to eat and the cycles starts all over.

I consider "you are my sunshine" to be his song, because when I sing it to him I replace sun with son.... cheesy eh? I do the same thing when "here comes the sun" comes on his baby Beatles CD. I also sing him "Let it Be", "What a good boy", the lullaby from Les Miserables, and "tin soldier" as lullabies. And the barney song. LOL. I just recently started to add "Your just to good to be true" like from Conspiracy Theory. It popped out one day because it uses the word Baby so much. Of course, these are just the lullabies. We sing even more songs when he is awake and he still loves "itsy bitsy spider". His Daddy likes to play "rocket man" with him and zoom him around the room (Benjamin approves).

The first eight weeks have been easier than I thought they would be. I was prepared for way more sleep deprivation, stress, and sleepless nights. I don't know if my expectations were just really exaggerated, or if Benjamin is an easy baby, or perhaps some combination of both. I love being a mom and it was worth everything we had to go through to get here. He is the cutest little 12 pounds on the planet, though I might be biased.

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