Thursday, March 1, 2012

8 Weeks

I know, I have been somewhat neglecting non-baby posts. I haven't been HORRIBLE, but have not been making as many of them as I would hope. Perhaps sometime I will correct that, but not today, because today Benjamin is 8 weeks old!! He celebrated by sleeping from 11:30pm to 4:00am last night!! It rocked. I hope he makes a habit out of that quickly! When I woke up at 4am I was sure something was wrong, but no, he was just a sleepy boy!

There is not a new milestone to report, but he is as cute as ever! Here is an oddity (knock on wood). There is this big discrepancy between his night time sleep and daytime napping. At night, the vast majority of the time I can just lay him down after a feeding or diaper change, turn off the lights, and we both go to sleep. But during the day when he gets tired, he will not tolerate being left alone or laid on his back. He wants to be held - preferably by me (or another female...  a ladies man I guess, lol), with his face down into my shirt and his legs all pulled up in the fetal position. He gets really fussy when he is tired during the day and it can take coaxing to get him to fall asleep. It also can be difficult to keep him asleep. Yesterday, for example, I wanted to work on the laptop in the kitchen. He was sleeping on my chest. If I sat in the kitchen, he would wake up and start crying, but if I sat in the living room he was perfectly content to stay asleep. He would not tolerate me putting him down (he would wake up within 5-10 minutes and start crying). How weird and picky! Yet at night he typically does none of this fussiness/finickiness nonsense (knock on wood). I would prefer if his nighttime sleep habits extended to daytime, but will be content as long as his daytime habits don't extent to night time!!

When he is not sleeping, he spends a lot of time in the middle of the table. We put him in tummy time as often and as long as he will tolerate it, and he seems to really enjoy it for the first 5-10 minutes. Then if he gets fussy we role him over to his back and play games with him, sing, etc. I think having him on the table puts us exactly the right distance for him to be able to focus on our faces, because we always get lots of smiles this way. When he starts crying while laying on his back, its time to pick him up! This week we have also been using his little chair more. Before we would only use it when he was asleep, but now he is able to be happy sitting in it and looking around. We reattached the toy bar to it so he can look at or reach for those. The bar that is over his chair comes with three attached hangy things. Two of them rattle and one of them has a pull cord to play "if your happy and you know it". This middle song-producing lady bug is the most annoying thing ever. Luckily he is not really reaching for it yet. I am seriously considering cutting it off and hanging a different song-toy instead. I don't mind the toys that play music, but the tone on that ladybug sucks.

Enough rambling about my boy! I will try to post a NON-baby related post sometime later this afternoon.

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