Friday, March 16, 2012


It is the middle of March. This means Pi day just passed (3.14), dictators should be wary (3/15), we soon will be drinking green beer (3/17), and most significantly, March Madness. March madness is why I am sitting in our living room (my parents living room) with my Dad, DH, and Benjamin. The TV is playing USF vs Temple. It is 10:20pm. I am the only one awake. I am not even really watching, I am surfing the net. Enjoy the humor of the situation! The tournament is going decently. My bracket is a little messed up. but with the upsets of Duke and Missouri, a lot of people's are. I actually have two brackets. In my better bracket I am leading my group with 21/28 picks correct and 159 possible points left. Exciting, eh? Now my dad is snoring, Benjamin is sucking in his sleep (just air... no pacifier in or anything), and DH is all snuggled into his pillow on the couch. Aren't they cute? If I was rude I would post a picture of them, but I am too lazy to get up and get the cord to plug my camera into the computer.

We moved into my parents on January 27th. That means we have been here 7 weeks. We moved in without a definite exit strategy, but assumed we would buy a house as soon as possible and be out of my parents way in no time. It has not exactly turned out that way. We either need more income or less monthly debt commitment to get a mortgage for a house here. In other words, I either need to get a job, or our house in Columbus needs to sell. Until one or both of these things happen, we will stay here. It is longer than we expected and we are hitting the point where I am beginning to feel like a burden, despite everyone's reassurance that they don't mind. The majority of our possessions are in my BILs trailer parked in my parents lawn. Until we have somewhere to move that stuff, he has no trailer for his own use, and it is blocking the view from my parent's window. Yesterday my Mom and little sister had to dig something out of a closet that we put a desk in front of because they had not thought to take it out before we moved in because the event the dress is for seemed so far away when we moved in. My ILs want to come and visit and we have no good guest quarters for them (though that has been resolved at least for this first visit). All in all, it would just be really great if our Columbus house would sell. Even if we got an offer tomorrow though, it would be weeks until we could be out. Sorry!! I am very thankful for everyone's patience and generosity.

Re:pinterest. - I have decided the real problem with pinterest is the way I was using it more than the actual concept/site. I am editing/revising my boards so that I use it in a more productive way. Before I was largely using the site to kill time. Now I am going to concentrate on using it to gather ideas about things I actually want to accomplish. My latest new project is getting into a regular work out routine, so I created a fitness board. I am going to post work out articles, motivational things, and rewards/goals onto it.

I guess that is all for now. Sorry my thoughts are so disorganized. but that is just how they are right now.

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