Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Reality (Loving It)

Benjamin and out with my little sister to play photographer. Okay - I played photographer - she actually has some skill and an eye for it, and knows how to use a camera and edits things and such. Despite the snow and grey appearance, it was not that cold out, above 30 degress. I put Ben in his moby wrap and then put on my older sister's midget suit. She is taller than me and the suits get wider as they get taller, so I was able to zip it up right over him! He was happy and warm with his pacifier in there. All of the photo's below are taken within a couple hundred feet of my parent's house where we are staying. My parent's house, the house I grew up in, is located on 40 acres of mostly fields with some woods around the house. The cat pictured below is not my orange cat, it is my parents. It was following us around despite the snow being deeper than its head! If you are facebook friends with me, I will try to show you a great pic my little sister took of Grim frolicking in the snow. She was using my father's SLR and as I said, knows way more about photography than I do!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I love that you call it a midget suit, not just overalls, with no explanation! Haha! Keener!

Anonymous said...

Ps. The orange cat's name is Rummiken aka Rummy aka Fuzzy, and it's a he :-)