Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Unfriendly Firsts

With Benjamin getting his first shots on Tuesday, we also go to deal with his first fever, and first use of baby Tylenol. All went smoothly, though he was fussy all night pretty much. I always thought people who did things like saved baby's first bandaid were psycho, but I have to admit I considered it! The bandaids were Taz (from looney toons), one on each thigh. Poor little boy. And we get to do it again in May, how fun!

I had a job thing on Thursday morning, an "on site" assessment technically. It was weird going in because I was not even sure I wanted to get the job. Not because its a bad job, I actually think I would enjoy it as much as anything else - but I don't feel ready to go back to work yet.  I want to go back eventually... just not yet. The "on site assessment", as I expected, turned out to be a computerized test. I did very well on it (of course... lol). I mean it was pretty basic stuff, it just was showing I could use a computer, learn the new software quickly, learn and follow rules, and not be a jackass to customers. For the record, the job would be handling people who were calling the health insurance companies about appeals on their claims (fielding questions, inputting data, getting their evidence into file, forwarding things to the correct people, etc).

After I finished the guy proctoring the exam told me that their "class" starting soon is actually full and I could either interview to be a backup for that class, or have them hold my scores/application for future classes. I told him to hold my information. Hopefully they will call me in May or June and want to hire me. In the meantime I will continue to apply for jobs. If it was a really good position, like perhaps with the university, I would take it regardless of the timing, but right now I just still feel like I am on maternity leave and can't stand the idea of dropping Benjamin off at a daycare. I am sure every working mother knows the feeling...

Meanwhile, the job thing also meant we had our first non-family babysitter. It was my mom's work friend. He was only there for 2 hrs or so. I was a bit worried. Seems like all the true SIDS stories you hear about happen at the babysitter... but of course she was a great sitter and he was fine. Motherhood certainly heightens your paranoia!

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