Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Flies

Apparently its been over two weeks since I uploaded pictures... time flies!

Over the weekend DH and I took baby out and about, just ran errands, then went down the lake (Brighten Beach) for a stroll. The weather has been gorgeous. Right now it is 58. If it stays like this, we can go to the Lakewalk this weekend.  (the lake walk is a path along Lake Superior in Duluth. Great for walking, biking, rollerblading, etc). The nice weather is, well, nice. But I admit I wouldn't mind another blizzard before we get spring for good!

I just can't believe how big Benjamin feels now! I just pulled out the rest of the 3-6 month clothing and most of it looks like he will wear it very soon. He likes to eat his own hands now and is drooling more. We should start putting a bib on him but outfits without them are so much cuter! We are about to start using size 2 diapers. I just tried one on him yesterday and it fit quite well, so we will use them as soon as we use up the 1s. He smiles so much more easily now, and so much more. He liked the song "Little Red" about horse racing and the actions I do with it for him. He likes when I pull a blanket up around him and say "baby burrito!!" He is ticklish and you can always get a smile that way. Its so fun playing with him!

And now for what you really want...

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