Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hot Toddy's and Books

I had intended to post more "nonbaby update" type posts this year and I am failing.

That is probably because we have not had time for much else recently. First was Benjamin's birthday, then he was sick, now we are in the thick of sleep training. And I am sick. Like "feel like my face is going to explode" type sinus pressure.

In better news. I learned to make a hot toddy. And it rocks my socks off, especially with the cold (making sure to hydrate too!)

R's Hot Toddy
Fill a mug 2/3 full of hot water. Add one shot whiskey (I have makers mark, though I am sure its good with almost any type), 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons honey. Stir well and enjoy!!

Other adultish things...

DH has been going to weekly game nights. Every Thursday. They started out as "Nerd Game Nights", but recently have just been game nights. Yes. There is a difference. If you have never played "Nerd" board games, you are missing out. Some day I hope to be able to go to game night with him, or maybe host even, but the prior would take a patient weeknight babysitter that came to our house, and the latter would require Benjamin to sleep better.

I have had two book clubs so far this month. The first was on the book Girls Like Us.  We read this because it is Human Trafficking Awareness month. The hostess is very into the cause and had a person from a local advocacy group come to facilitate the conversation. The book is about girls who are sexually exploited - 16,15,14,13,12, even 11 year old American girls being sold for sex on American streets. Many of them thinking that this is the only life they have, that their pimp "loves" them and is family. Until very recently, a minor, a child, who was caught in this type of situation could be charged with prostitution, despite the fact she is not old enough to consent to sex. That is just messed up in my opinion. Recently many states have started to enact "Safe Haven" laws that make sure children get treated like victims and get services and support rather than punishment. The book was interesting. I did not enjoy having a facilitator at book club, I like it to be more casual. I am glad we will return to our normal format next month!

The other book club was for the classic Brideshead Revisited. It failed at being book club as only one of us had read the entire book, I was close to the end but not there, another girl had read 30 pages maybe, and the fourth had not touched the book. So it failed at book club but rocked as girl hang out time. And I managed to learn to make a hot toddy.

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