Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Nursery

We had a nursery ready for Benjamin in our Columbus house before he was born, well, except the the crib. It was not set up. We figured out we were moving before we got it set up. The crib was not that important anyway because we did not plan to use it for quite awhile, as we have a miniature pack and play to put next to our bed instead.

Then, of course, with Benjamin 3 weeks old, we moved 1500 miles.

From the end of January until the beginning of July we lived with my parents, and as planned, Benjamin slept in the miniature pack and play next to our bed. We had a second bedroom in my parents house that we used as a changing room and for our clothes and other belongings, but of course we did not decorate it or anything as it was short term.

Then in July we moved into new (forever?) home. When moving in, it was quickly discovered that Benjamin's dresser/changing table did not fit up the stairs. So we stuck it in the dining room. My BIL offered to disassemble (at a later date), to get it up the steps, but by that time we had decided we liked it in the dining room, and it was too big for the nursery anyways.

Benjamin continued to sleep in the pack and play next to my bed. Then, towards the end of July, he had a HUGE sleep regression. He was up every hour. It was bad. I thought I might be contributing to it by not giving him time to settle when he fussed, so we moved him into his crib, which was placed on the far end of our bedroom (as planned). I had always thought we would keep him in our room a full year.

 Meanwhile, his room sat there unused. Ok, actually used for (baby) storage. My mom was awesome and painted it for us, the same paint job she helped us on in our Cbus house. We got the curtain my MIL made hung.

And now Benjamin is a year old. We are tired of tiptoeing around at night when we go to bed. Or having to turn the light out quickly if he is having a bad night and starts to stir. We meant to move him the weekend between Christmas and New Years, but we were both recovering from illness and needed to also get the guest room ready, so it just did not happen. Then last weekend was his birthday. But finally, this weekend, we got it together, and his nursery/room is up and ready to go!!

Only 1 yr and 1 week after he was born. Only 6 months after moving into this house. Only 2 weeks after we intended to have him sleeping in it.

Here is it!!

From the Hall

From Right Inside the door (by the bookshelf)

From between the chair and crib (see crib corner bottom right)

From between the crib and wall, by the rocking horse.

Close Up of the rocking horse my BIL handmade for Benjamin.

Close up of the curtain fabric.
A few comments - Yeah,. no dresser/changing table. That is staying in the dining room for now where we are used to it being. When the rocking chair can be moved out of their (presumably when he is putting himself to sleep), we will look for a small dresser to put in their and use as a changing table. The two things on the walls are teddy bears with balloons that inspired the theme in general. The panda bear is mine from when I was little, and Paddington is from Aaron's room when he was little. The Paddington even has "Aaron" in one of the balloons. There is a third piece that inspired us that has not been hung, a balloon mobile that was in Benjamin's paternal paternal great grandparents house in the kids room. We do plan to hang it in the corner by the radiator. We also have an airplane mobile to hang over the crib. There is a couple other minor touches, like a lampshade for the rocking horse lamp, a light fixture on the cieling (not pictured), and maybe something a bit more on the walls (like by his crib).

But it is put together enough that I will happily try to put him to bed in it tonight! Wish me luck....

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