Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sleep Diaries - Volume 2

January 18th 2013
Results Continued 
After my post last night, Benjamin woke up of course, about five minutes later. But he was easily put back to sleep in about 3 minutes using the "method" I described. The Manday Method lets call it. He woke up again at 10pm and was inconsolable. I broke my own rule and fed him again and he went right back down - Night Weaning fail. He woke up again at 1am. He was not happy and would not stay lying down, he kept sitting up and screaming. After trying to lay him back down a couple of time I just sat down in the rocking chair and let him scream a little. When he had exhausted the height of the tantrum, I laid him down and comforted him and he went right to sleep. At 2:30 he woke up and I fed him (more than 4 hours, so good job). He went right back down when he was done. At 5am he woke up and again insisted on sitting up and crying. I again let him cry and this time he stopped much faster. At 6:30 I sent DH to get him, I fed him, he went back to sleep in our bed until almost 8 (yay sleeping in!).

January 19th 2013
As today is Saturday, we deal with naps as well as bedtime. Nap#1 I used the same method as for bedtime. He played in the crib for quite some time (20 minutes?) before going to sleep, but it was easy. Maybe I can leave the room when he is like that in the future. Nap #2, well. I took it with him. Haha! We slept on the floor of his room...

Bedtime tonight went great. Same bedtime routine as last night, but no need for the "sleep" method tonight because he was so tired he fell asleep eating while the projector was on! He has not woken up since. We are thinking he might want his bedtime to be even earlier than 7pm, he has seemed really tired earlier than that the last two nights. We are waiting to see if its just him recovering from being sick or if he really wants to go to bed earlier!

Results: He slept for 4 hrs for the first stretch! That is great. We are used to more wake ups. His first wake up was at 11pm, so I fed him (4 hrs had passed). He went right back down. Second wake up was at 1pm. And it was a total disaster. I tried to use the method that had been working, and it would work for a few minutes but he would wake up again. I tried letting him cry a bit, but no luck. I even fed him. No luck. At 2:15am I got DH up and let him have a go at it. He changed the diaper and tried his stuff. No luck. He brought him into our room. No luck. Baby did not go back to sleep until I fed him again for the second time in 2 hrs at 3am. After that he slept through to 6:20 (normalish wakeup time for a weekday), so we brought him into our room and he slept until 7:20am. Not a stellar night.

He napped a ton today because of it.

January 20th 2013
I feel like we are already reaching a point we have been at before, where bedtime is no biggie but wake ups are. Bedtime was easy tonight, and we did it about 15 minutes earlier than normal because he was acting tired. We will see how the night goes...

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