Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions 2012 2013

How did I do on my 2012 resolutions? 
1. Read 10 minutes each day and read 24 books over the course of the year. CHECK - I read exactly 24 books, one of which is the massive 1400 page War & Peace, which also knocks out something on my 30x30 list.

2. Post at least 2 blog posts a week - This would be 104 posts. I made 110, so I did complete it. CHECK. I did intend to post more about my thoughts on being a parent, but it just did not happen. Maybe I will try to do a post like that soon!

 3. Take more pictures and keep more records/journaling CHECK - Its easy to take more pictures when you have such an adorable subject. THough, admittedly it slowed over the course of the year. We are currently plotting 1 yr pics of Benjamin.

4. Find a job in Duluth - CHECK

What are my 2013 resolutions?
I already mentioned most of them in my optimistic post earlier this week, but wanted to write them down in a more formal way. I largely want to focus on knocking out my 30x30 goals (I will turn 29 in May), but I of course have to have some  New Years Resolutions as well!

1. READ -  Read 48 Books - of which, 10 should be books I already own, 10 should be published in 2013, and 5 should be books that were recommended to me in 2011 that I failed to tackle.

2. HEALTH - Do not drink soda. Period. Only exception I can think of is extreme illness like I had two weeks ago where Soda was the only thing giving me calories. Otherwise, no Soda. At all. Start to walk at work 20-30 minutes a day. Train for the inline marathon (we will see if I can do it). Eat more varied dinners and get out of the ground beef rut. I want to feel strong again. Get a physical and go to the dentist. Cut back on or even eliminate caffeine (should be easier now that I won't be having soda!)

3. COMMUNICATE - Get skype set up with the ILs. Send out appropriate greeting cards (Sorry no Xmas card this past year...). Re-connect to some people from Cbus I have failed to chat with this year. Go on more date nights with DH. Make some new connections here in Duluth.

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