Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sleep Diaries - Volume 3

January 20th
Results - I think my prediction was right. After the easy bedtime, Benjamin was still up every two hours. I did follow the night weaning stuff, but I am just exhausted from getting up with him so often. He needs to sleep longer and I am not sure how to promote it. I will give this method more time. I don't want to let him cry more, but how to teach him to sooth himself better?

January 21st
Bedtime once again was easy.
Results: Total disaster. I am not even sure what happened. He was up about every two hours, but the big failure was when I woke up holding him in the rocking chair at 3:45am. That is exactly what I am trying to PREVENT. No more zombie mom! Also, because I pretty much fed him in my sleep, I fed him on the wrong side, resulting in some serious engorgement issues today!! Eek. Lets home tonight goes better

January 22nd
Benjamin took a rare 3rd nap at daycare today, which always changes things a bit (he was asleep when we went to pick him up at 4:50pm)

I was was book club this evening, so DH was in charge. I fed Benjamin before I left at 7pm, but he was not ready to go down by a long shot and was very energetic/hyper. DH tried to put him to bed at 7:30 and it took him about 35 minutes to get him to sleep. Sounds like his main method was to play the projector and let him crawl around in the dark until he seemed really ready to collapse, then move him to the crib and give him the pacifier and seahorse. Also he has had one wake up so far, which was rapidly remedied with a pacifier and seahorse. I think we might be in better shape if he figured out how to turn the seahorse on on his own, but I am not sure that is even something he is interested in. We will see how the night goes after an abnormal evening.

to be continued ...

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