Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ice Skating and More

We had a lot of fun, besides the birthday party, with the ILs this past weekend.

The other big highlight was ice skating. You probably saw it on facebook, but if you didn't :

It was pretty hilarious. Benjamin could not keep his feet under him at all, and really was hardly trying to. Eventually, by the end, we figured out a method to have him standing while we moved fwd slowly. DH said it was going about how he expected 'minus the tears". Benjamin tolerated trying to skate but what he really loved was watching other people skate. He loved when we would skate up to the boards to say "HI!"

In other Benjamin news, we had a parent-teacher conference last night. It was nice sitting down and talking with his primary care giver 1x1. Some things we learned during the conversation I had not realized (either we learned from the care giver, or realized by discussing things)

- Benjamin LOVES music. He dances whenever it comes on and loves musical toys like maracas etc. He will even start dancing if you just start singing him something.
- Apparently he growls a lot at daycare
- He recently started saying the word 'Up" - with the "p" ending and everything. Not consistently, but sometimes on his own when he wants Up and definitely with prompting. His spoken vocab is a bit behind average but not so slow as to worry, and it is his new learning objective at daycare.
- His comprehension vocab is pretty high. He knows what we are saying a lot of the time even if he does not try to copy us on most things. Tonight we were saying "go get X" and he was doing pretty good at bringing us what we asked for!
- He apparently can ride on riding toys all on his own now! (we dont keep one out most the time so we have yet to see this, will have to try it out).
- He is signing "more" to ask for things all the time, especially food. Especially bread.
... I feel like I am forgetting things I meant to put here. Oh well.

Also, we took him to his 1 yr checkup where he got a bunch of vaccines, passed the iron & lead screenings (he has enough iron and not too much lead). His stats are kind of hilarious, but here they are:
29.5 inches tall (28th Percentile)
22.25 lbs (68th percentile)
19 in head circumference (95th Percentile).

Yes. He still has a giant head. I really need to find some baby pics of my Grandpa to show you its genetic... I suspect the disproportionate weight to height is caused by a combination of the large head (that grey matter weighs a lot!) and that he is about to have a growth spurt!

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