Sunday, January 20, 2013

Other Benjamin News

I feel the need to document our sleep training. So just skip those posts if you are not interested. I will keep them up until I no longer feel that need.

In other Benjamin news, he is healthy again! Has not really shown any symptoms since Thursday morning.

His vocabulary is growing, but in a surprising manner. I always though baby's first words would be things like "mama", "dada", "milk", "ball", etc. Well. Benjamin started with sound effects - Moo and Vroom. Then he moved to prepositions. His first non-sound effect word was "Up". Now he has added the occasional "Out" (sounds more like ot), and today I noticed "More" (Mo), which accompanies his baby sign for more. My dad said he was saying "mo" all week, and I believe it. Sometimes I feel like we are just not that observant and he might have all sorts of "words" we don't pick up on!

Today he was showing us his new dance moves. Mainly, moving his feet faster while standing in place. Like marching in place. He is so proud of himself when he does it and it makes us laugh, which makes him laugh, and its generally a good time.

Today he also learned how to put on an oven mitt. We have a drawer in the kitchen that he loves to open that has oven mitts and cutting boards in it. He kept taking the mitts out and holding them out to us. So finally, I put one on one of his hands. He started crying and shook it off. Five minutes later, I turn around, and he has put it on himself! Silly boy!

Yesterday I took him sledding for the first time, sled courtesy of his Aunt K and Uncle M, winter gear courtesy of his grandparents (various parts from each side). It was about 20 degrees out and I thought not too much wind (though the wind picked up while we were out). There is a golf course across from our house, so we walked over there, right past the "no trespassing" signs to join the other kids and parents on the hill. I pulled Benjamin in the sled most the way there, except crossing the street. His balance is not really good enough to ride sitting up in a sled (unless I pull VERY carefully). He is light enough that the sled does not sit evenly and gets caught up on the snow, making the whole thing lean back. I discovered however that he was quite content to lie on his stomach in the sled. We went down a little tiny hill first (no bigger than a snowbank) to make sure he would not freak out and that I could hold him well and control the sled. Then we went down a more normal size hill. I can't really tell you if he liked it or not! He did not hate it, no tears. But I don't know if he smiled when we went down the hills because I could not see his face. He liked watching the other kids go for sure! We went down three times.  He actually fussed more when I was trying to get him back up the hill, because we were walking into the wind. His little face was cold in the wind so we went in. It took us about 15 minutes to get bundled up to go out, and we were outside for about 15 minutes, actually sledding for about 8 of that probably! It still was a nice "first".  It was hard to get good picks with him looking all around and no one to help!