Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aaron's B-Day

We celebrated DH's B-Day as planned. He liked the picture I got for him, I ended up going with something a little different than canvas. We like it! I want to order one more and get it hung soon. The plans for where to hang pictures (how to arrange them) in the family room changes about every five minutes.

As for some unknown reason, DH prefer's most things store bought over homemade, I bought him a cookie cake and did my best to write on it for him. My cake decorating skills are way lame, as noted by the giant "P" in happy.

Since the cake was so ugly, I took special care in coloring in his card. I used my oil crayons, which have not gotten use in a LONG time. Yes that is Chinese in the top left corner and german in the bottom left. Also, on the cookie above I put his Chinese name, that is why it says Airong.

After he opened up his present from me, and cards from both of our parents (Thank you!!) He is sharing the wealth with me and we already used up a generous Amazon gift card. Anyways, after that we headed out to dinner. We went to the Hickory House in Powell and had all you can eat ribs! The ribs were not as good there as at The Pig Iron, but being all you can eat sort of made up for it. I am pretty sure he is eating them for lunch today.

Now he is ancient (26), and I am back to being a youngin, or actually we decided that now I am"just old" at 25.

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