Monday, August 3, 2009

Did you hear the one about...

The night before last I had bad dreams that put me in a bad mood.

But last night, last night I had crazy, drawn-out, non-nonsensical dreams. Or, I should say, dream, because as convoluted as it was, I am pretty sure it all flowed together. I woke up several times and in general did not sleep soundly. Do you want to hear about it? (I am going to put any explanations I can think of in italics).

OK, so first I was visiting my old Department, but as usual with my dreams the cast that played the role of my department came from all walks of my life. They shall remain nameless. They also were all male, and they were all flirting with me, (In the book I am reading, the main character is the only female in a pack of werewolves, and therefore everyone is always flirting with her) setting up social events, trying to schedule things when I could come, etc. One was asking me what Friday I could come to a steak dinner, another was talking about a Shrimp dinner that was already scheduled (he was invited people), and it made me make the comment "what a coincidence, DH and I are thinking of throwing a Shrimp & Steak Dinner!"

Eventually we settled down to a day of dungeons and dragons. (My friend's husband did not come to play Rock Band on Saturday because he was at D&D) The game was moving very fast and DH was dungeon master. He was using a silent, fast technique however that I had never seen and I did not want to admit I did not know what was going on. Also, it was not nearly as fun silently and I did not know why they were not really role-playing. In general, my luck was bad and bad things happened on my turn. The game ended, except I had to "escape" or pass the monster or something. All I had to do was not role a one. I rolled a one. I got into a fight. I rolled poorly again, and my character died.

I got a ride home with my parent's next-door neighbors. We were driving a long a road, the highway to my parents house, that I have been on a million times. All of the sudden there was a HUGE hill. (there are no hills on that road). It was so big, and so steep, in fact it was steeper than vertical, like the new roller coaster at Cedar Point. We were free-falling (floating). My seatbelt was not holding me in and I was afraid I would get hurt or worse when we reached the bottom, and was trying to adjust myself to ease the blow. My neighbors were talking about why the car was doing this and what would happen (whose fault it would be, etc) if I got hurt at the bottom. Eventually the car eased out of the hill and we continued on. They seemed to think the hill had always been there and were complaining about their SUVs inability to handle it, while I was trying to convince them the hill had not always been there. We got back to their house and they started asking me questions about what Vet they should take their dog to, they wanted one that made house calls. I told them vets only make house calls for large animal. I ended up walking around their farm and seeing strange animals. I don't remember what made them strange though.

After a tour of the farm a man who was courting me picked me up (that stupid werewolf book again). He was much older than me and had a extremely cute 2-year old son with him, a little blonde boy. He took me to tour where he works, which turned out to be a prison (I got in a debate at dinner with my cousin about prison sentencing). Not like the state penitentery is a prison, but like Guantanamo Bay or Abu Grab is a prison. He was a guard and he tortured prisoners. He wanted to show me how they did it and why. There was a lot of water involved, and we all got dripping wet. I was of course horrified by the torture, did not agree with the reasons, and could not understand why he thought I would want to see this (I just read the scene in HP where Mad Eye Moody shows Harry a picture thinking its a treat when it actually is very painful, also I think the fact he was a torturer/unstable was related to the werewolf book again where the protagonist's would-be husband is pretty much crazy and unable to control impulses). And also, his son was still with us, which was just disturbing. (I swear that boy came from somewhere in real life, but I can't place him). I was trying to rebuff him but it was hard because I needed to be polite for some reason. It was clear I had no intentions of marrying him but had an obligation to appease his attempt.

My best friend from high school joined us and we went to a restaurant, like Chiles or something. We were waiting to be seated and the guy had to leave. It was raining. I carried his son out to the car, leaving my purse inside. The whole time I was helping them I was worried about my purse, as I had not asked my friend to watch it. At the car I tried to put the kid in his car seat but struggled because it was so much different from 15 years ago when my little sister was a baby and had a car seat. I felt a bit sad that they were leaving. I did not like the man, but I felt bad that I would let him down and I knew his heart was in the right place, and his son was so cute.

I went back into the restaurant and my friend was seated, my purse was safe. While the interior of the restaurant was very casual, the service staff was extremely formal. We were about to order when my friend pointed out my sister had come in with tons of her friends. My friend seemed to be expecting this, but I hadn't. I went over and talked to them. Some of them were people from her real life, others looked familiar but I could not place them. It was LEKY's birthday party. We were suppose to order the main food from the restaraunt, but LEK had brough taco dip for after the meal when there would be more of a celebration. I went back to the table and they brought my drink - blackberrry cream soda. I started to drink it but people started to laugh. They had found a small figurine in my soda. The restaurant was very apologetic and promised to put a discount on our bill. I wanted to order Chicken to eat but they had several kinds (brands actually). The waitress started to explain the differences to me but kept being interrupted. Finally I just picked one. Then, there was a champagne toast. It tasted really good, but after the first sip it was very creamy and hard to eat (though tasty), like the center of a cadbury cream egg.

The restaurant was no longer really a restaurant, but rather I was watching a scene (made up) from Torchwood between two of the main characters, Jack and Ianto. It was their first kiss and took place on a subway car. It was really well written and acted. My friend (a different friend) was explaining the significance of it to me. DH came back to the restaurant (Back??? When was he there to begin with?), and asked me to walk outside with him. We went walking in the garden where my friends from college got married in may (St Louis Botanical Gardens) and were talking about the champagne. DH seemed to think it had spoiled, but I couldn't understand how that could be the case, since it tasted so good.

Then my alarm went off. Did I mention strange dreams run in my family?

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Anonymous said...

nice one! I had a weekend of bizarre dreams, but couldnt' remember any of them upon awaking - not enough to explain anyways, just enough to irk me as things came up throughout the day...

:-) lekt